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Enforcement of Orders in Mesa, AZ

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A court order is designed to give guidelines to parents and former spouses or partners once they have gone their separate ways. These orders can include:

  • How Much and How Often Support Should Be Paid
  • Restrictions on Communication (in Abusive Relationships)
  • Child Custody / Visitation Rules and Other Various Issues

However, when one individual involved in the order fails to keep up their part of the agreement, it can lead to complications, disputes, and other obstacles. The other side may find themselves needing to enforce the order to ensure their protection and livelihood is upheld. If you find yourself in this situation, it is time to call on our Mesa family lawyer. Bastian Law Offices, PLC can help you determine the next best step to ensure your court order is followed.

When can I enforce an order?

Not all situations will allow or require you to enforce a court order. For example, say your spouse was a day late on their spousal support payment after explaining to you beforehand that they were getting paid later. In this case, you shouldn’t have to bring matters to court unless it becomes a habitual pattern or something that begins to negatively affect you.

On the other hand, you should consider enforcing an order when a former spouse:

  • Continually fails / refuses to pay child support in full or on time
  • Ignores visitation guidelines or always drops off children extremely late
  • Does not allow you to have full visitation time with children
  • Violates an order of protection in any way
  • Fails to pay court ordered spousal maintenance
  • Has left the state or area with your child against your will / without permission

It is crucial that you take legal action as quickly as possible, especially when matters involve children and child custody. You can work with an attorney to petition the court to enforce the original order. They may use civil fines, hold the other parent in contempt of court, order them to pay back-support, garnish their wages, or use a variety of other legal tools to hold them accountable. If a parent has left with a child against a court order and without the other’s knowledge, a warrant may be issued for their arrest.

In other cases, when enforcing the order simply does not work (a parent lost a job or cannot keep up with payments), the court may opt to modify the agreement so that both parties can comply. However, the court will still ensure that the child’s best interests are prioritized in these cases.

Don’t wait to take legal action: call on us now!

Just because a former spouse or partner doesn’t like a court order or thinks they can’t keep up with it doesn’t mean they can blatantly defy it. If you need to enforce a court order, be sure to reach out to our Mesa family attorney right away. We are ready to stand up for your rights and utilize our legal knowledge to secure a positive outcome.

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