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Although the term “legal custody” is no longer used by the Arizona courts, the legal principles remain largely intact. These days, divorce courts will establish parenting time (formerly known as “physical custody”) as well as legal decision-making authority. When a parent has sole legal decision-making authority, they have the power to make nearly every decision for the child, from health care to haircuts.

If you’re getting divorced, our experienced Mesa divorce lawyer can work to make sure your right to legal authority is not infringed upon. While lawmakers and judges alike continue to push for more balanced parenting arrangements, it is still crucial to make sure that your parental rights are not violated during this process. With more than a decade of experience with family law, Attorney C. Cole Bastian is ready to help you.

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How Do I Get Sole Legal Custody of My Child?

In modern Arizona courts, it is very rare for one parent to be granted sole legal decision-making power unless the other parent is deemed to be unfit. If your soon-to-be ex is violent, has substance abuse issues, or is otherwise ill-equipped to make decisions in the child’s best interests, our Mesa child custody lawyer can help you build a strong case for sole legal authority.

Most cases conclude with both parents being granted joint legal decision-making authority. Since divorces can often get contentious, one parent may be granted “final say” in any decisions. However, they must act in good faith and make an effort to consider the other parent’s opinion.

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