Why Hire a Mesa Divorce Attorney?

Benefit from 10+ Years of Family Law Advocacy

At the Bastian Law Offices PLC, we know that deciding whether or not to hire a divorce lawyer can be a difficult decision. But for anyone going through a divorce, working with an experienced Mesa divorce lawyer is actually an extremely valuable asset.

Divorce proceedings are notoriously complex, and you need someone who is knowledgeable about family law, divorce paperwork, and the multitude of issues that divorcing couples have to face. In fact, no matter how amicable you expect your divorce to be, you place you, your family, and your assets at risk if you try to go it alone. Protect your best interests today!

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Don't make the mistake of representing yourself!

Ironically, one of the things that prevent people from securing the services of a divorce attorney is their desire to save money. Imagining divorce attorneys to be money-grubbing vultures, they think that going it alone is in their best interests. In reality, going it alone only increases your likelihood of ending up in court—where almost anything can happen—or being seriously taken advantage of by your spouse. Our Mesa divorce lawyers work for you and only you!

A seasoned attorney can help you with the following:

  • Negotiate child support and spousal maintenance agreements
  • Ensure the correct and timely filling of all necessary paperwork
  • Save you time, money, and stress
  • Represent you in court if necessary
  • Provide regular updates on the status of your case
  • Give you a realistic timeline of what to expect

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The smartest way to get a feel for the compassion and care we provide at the Bastian Law Offices, PLC is to simply give us a call. Our founding attorney, C. Cole Bastian, Esq. has been practicing law in Arizona for over 10 years. By focusing exclusively on the practice of family law, we're able to provide you with the experience and care you need during this time. Divorce can be difficult and painful, but our Mesa divorce lawyer is here to help you through it.

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