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Making the decision to divorce your spouse can be a difficult decision, however it can be the best choice for a family. Divorce has often been seen as a dreaded legal process that will drag on for months or even years in some cases. While it can be an overwhelming time, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be, especially when you retain a skilled Mesa divorce attorney to guide you through.

When you come to work with the team at Bastian Law Offices, PLC, we start by listening to your case and working with you to understand your personal situation. Once we have determined what type of divorce may be best, we can break down your options and help you move forward from there. Our main priority is to ensure that you dissolve your marriage in a positive manner, giving the boost you need to confidently embrace your new life.

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While many people think of divorce as a straight path, it is actually much more complicated than that. There are many different twists and turns involved, with countless issues and speed bumps that must be resolved along the way. From child custody to property division, these matters can quickly turn a seemingly simple divorce into a complex legal web.

At Bastian Law Offices, PLC, we are here to help you maneuver through the entire process. We are prepared to address every obstacle that comes your way, from residency requirements to debt division. With so many different factors to consider during this time, it is crucial that you hire a legal advocate you can trust to take the heavy legal burden off your shoulders.It is important to realize that there is no “one path” to divorce. We tailor our solution to you.

We help clients navigate all types of divorces, such as:

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